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Welcome to my website. Democracy where? In reality, nowhere. There is no true democracy anywhere. What we have is a polluted democracy, a deluded democracy, a deceitful democracy, an artificial democracy which in reality amounts to no democracy but only to a democratic appearance. It fools the public while supporting the interest of the economic elite. Through my publications you are going to be exposed to this reality through extensive documentation. But more importantly you will be presented a concept of a true democracy and how to go about to achieve it to the benefit of all the people. This is a progmatic concept and can be used as an essential guide to social activists and reformers.You will be also introduced to a new but extremely important concept of neosecularism (see Selected Topics) with a scientific approach to the nature and essence of God, Universe, Creation and Evolution, and to an immense wealth of knowledge and original thoughts not found in any other writing. After enriching yourself, you will likely be pleased that you run into this website. It may change your whole vision of yourself, life and humanity. I feel gratified by your visit to my website and would certainly appreciate your comments and repeated visits. 

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Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin System and a Fulbright Scholar, I am a multi-disciplinary, Multi-cultural and multi-lingual scholar with three doctoral titles in political science, law (American, continental and Islamic) and economics (J.D. Ph.D., S.J.D.) and a post-doctoral title in international law and economics. I am fluent in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Persian and Turkish) and have the elementary kowledge of three more. I am also a technologist, with background in mechanical engineering and patented inventions. In addition of being the author of eight books and several scholarly articles, I am also an artist, a published poet, and a musician, with many years of academic career, public speaking, research and travel experiences in many countries.


Sacrificing several great financial opportunities as a specialized international lawyer, I have devoted my life, the last thirty years in particular, to find a way that people would have a better way of life, an equitable standards of living, equality of opportunity in employment, education, health care and old age benefits, in a peaceful and leisurely society. Simply, the ways by which we can improve ourselves as human beings and bring about a democratic and just society. Most of my writings are to achieve this purpose. Here are some of my publications. To know more about each please click on the picture.


Image of the book, We the people
We the People:
Democracy as a System:
A Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society

Image of the book, We the people, second Edition
We the People:
Democracy as a System:
A Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society (Second Edition)


Passage To A Just Society : Secrets of a Democratic Life, Leisure and Happiness


Passage To The Heaven : The Secrets of Universe, Life and Happiness


Iraq and Democracy : A Futuristic Perspective


Technological Democracy :
 A Humanistic Philosophy of the Future Society


The Story of A Man and Great Unknown Women


Technodemocratic Economic Theory:
From Capitalism and Socialism to Democracy



Electronic Electoral System : Simple, Abuse Free, Voter Friendly

Dreams & Realities : Our Daily Dreams Our Daily Life (Poems

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